Sleeping Beauty

Link, instead of returning to his country, stayed in Hyrule to assist in its restoration. As he neared his 16th birthday, he noticed an odd triforce-shaped mark beginning to appear on his left hand. Concerned, Link went to Impa to see if she knew anything about it. Impa, shocked, took Link to a sealed-off chamber deep within Hyrule Castle, pressing his hand against the door. The door slowly cracked open, revealing the legendary sleeping princess, Zelda. Impa explained the Legend of Zelda to Link, speaking about the prince, the magician, and the splitting of the Triforce [Chapter 1]. She then handed Link the instructions that Sahasrahla had left in the room, and informed him of the hidden Triforce of Courage. Surely if he could retrieve the hidden piece and use the Triforce at its full power, he could awaken the sleeping princess.

As Link traveled through the land of Hyrule, he fought his way through many palaces and visited many towns. Eventually making it to the Great Palace and defeating the Thunderbird, Link's final foe was his own shadow. In order to prove his worth and claim the Triforce of Courage, Link would have to defeat his own failings and weaknesses. The battle was long and difficult, as Link's shadow matched his every attack. Eventually, though, our hero pulled through. Sahasrahla, kept alive by the power of the Triforce of Courage, presented Link with the piece. Link brought the piece back to Hyrule Castle, and with the combined power of the completed Triforce, woke the sleeping princess.

Chapter 8 Notes

Facts for Chapter 8 were taken from Adventure of Link.

Well, that's the shortest one yet! Probably because most of the story from this game is in the form of a history lesson, and was incorporated into previous chapters. Everything else is very straightforward. As to the wise man who gives Link the Triforce of Courage at the end of the game being Sahasrahla, why not? It makes sense that he would be the one to take care of the Triforce, as he was the one with the most knowledge on that subject when the piece was originally hidden away after the events of LTTP and the Oracle games. Plus, he sorta looks like him, doesn't he?