The mandate to store 100 user compositions and 100 downloadable songs in Daigasso! Band Brothers DX brings a heretofore unseen enhancement to the game: an 8 megabyte save chip.

Contrary to reports that have surfaced since the game debuted, sources in the Japanese homebrew community have reported the new chip isn't just 8 megabits (1 megabyte), but a full 64 megabits, or 8 megabytes. The chip in question is a ST M25P64, and is sixteen times a big as the previously largest save chip, which permitted games to save up to 512 kilobytes of data and was seen in games like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

If the new chip appears in other games, it could herald levels of customizability. In the meantime, as DS Fanboy reported, it's certainly helping to keep pirates at bay.