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E3 2009 Coverage Complete!

Cory | 10:14am, Monday
Welcome to E3 2009!

Jeffrey | 11:08am, Monday
Watching Xbox preshow. No huge announcements yet. Just videos.

Jeffrey | 11:11am, Monday
Crackdown 2 and left for dead 2 game shown.

Jeffrey | 11:14am, Monday
New splinter cell conviction game. Very nice. Sam fischer is on a personal mission.

Jeffrey | 11:18am, Monday
Sam Fischer is a murder machine now. Mission objectives are displayed entirely ingame. Very cool

Jeffrey | 11:22am, Monday
Forza motorsport racing 3 Xbox excl. First person mode looks great. Has 1 button driving.

Jeffrey | 11:31am, Monday
Halo ODST looks amazing. You slip between char. To figure out what happened to new mombasa. Launch sept 22

Jeffrey | 11:33am, Monday
Secret Bungie project announced: Halo Reach. No info on what it actually is.

Jeffrey | 11:38am, Monday
Alan Wake shown. It's a novel-style sci fi mystery thriller. Very RE ish.

Jeffrey | 11:46am, Monday
Xbox LIVE partnership with Facebook announced. Custom Facebook on Xbox. Felicia Day demonstrates.

Jeffrey | 11:48am, Monday
Other Xbox LIVE: Now browse Netflix on XBX, Sky News shown, full 1080p videos, and Xbox LIVE party.

Jeffrey | 11:49am, Monday
Twitter announced for Xbox LIVE. You can tweet right from Xbox. Coming this fall, along with Facebook.

Jeffrey | 11:52am, Monday
Metal Gear Solid franchise coming to XBX! Hideo Kojima on stage. MGS: Rising coming to 360.

Jeffrey | 11:55am, Monday
XBX Fluid motion controller shown. Camera bar under the TV. Wii-style trailer.

Jeffrey | 12:00pm, Monday
Xbox Motion camera is called Project Natal: tracks 3D movements and voices. Will be for 360, not a new system.

Jeffrey | 12:01pm, Monday
Project Natal demos: racing with just hands, putting a tire on a car, use hands to manipulate menus, facial recognition.

Jeffrey | 12:02pm, Monday
Steven Spielberg is on stage touting the idea of Project Natal (pronounced "nah-tall"). Wii-traitor!

Jeffrey | 12:05pm, Monday
Project Natal can recognize your face, log you into Xbox LIVE, and make you an avatar.

Jeffrey | 12:07pm, Monday
Demoing a Dodgeball-like game. Woman is flailing about wildly. They took a jab at "waggle commands" on Wii.

Jeffrey | 12:10pm, Monday
Now demoing Xbox Project Natal "Paint throwing" game. Guy moves arm and paint splatters on screen. Remarkably accurate.

Jeffrey | 12:18pm, Monday
Peter Molyneux of Lionhead (Fable) shows "Milo." It's an interactive boy. Creepy, but cool. Woman puts hand near water and game shows her reflection.

Jeffrey | 12:23pm, Monday
Microsoft Preshow is over. I'm sure gaming will never be the same. Brandon, Cory, and I give it thumbs up.

Jeffrey | 2:29pm, Monday
Sin and Punishment 2 confirmed playable for Wii. I just saw a booth for it on the show floor.

Brandon | 2:51pm, Monday
Final Fantasy XIII posters bigger than many large buildings near the Nokia plaza!

Dean | 3:26pm, Monday
How many N-Siders does it take to tweet a twit?

Dean | 4:39pm, Monday
An uneventful video recap of Day 1. Watch at your own risk. http://tinyurl.com/nj34qy

Jeffrey | 5:14pm, Monday
Ubisoft Press Conf: Ubisoft working on games and movies. Also working with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Jeffrey | 5:16pm, Monday
Ubisoft Digital Arts Studio started. Ubisoft developing 100+ shots for James Cameron on Avatar movie.

Jeffrey | 5:18pm, Monday
Ubisoft to release short movies based on the Assassin's Creed 2 universe.

Jeffrey | 5:19pm, Monday
Ubisoft looks to converge its brands with movie, books, and other movie. Ubisoft turning into full 360 entertainment provider.

Jeffrey | 5:21pm, Monday
James Cameron is on stage at Ubisoft Conf talking about Avatar. Thought of it 14 years ago, but wasn't able to be done until now.

Jeffrey | 5:24pm, Monday
James Cameron keeps talking about Avatar, explaining everything. Why don't they show a trailer already?

Jeffrey | 5:29pm, Monday
James Cameron is still talking up how great Ubisoft is. No video or images shown.

Jeffrey | 5:31pm, Monday
Avatar the game will be in full 3D, like the movie. I imagine you will have to wear glasses....oh boy.

Jeffrey | 5:35pm, Monday
Joel McHale is hosting. No video was shown of Avatar. Hmm.

Jeffrey | 6:23pm, Monday
Ubisoft Press Conf: Red Steel 2 is shown. Can't wait to try it out on Wii Motion Plus.

Dean | 6:28pm, Monday
"The Hottest N64 games are here." Wilshire Grand, welcome to '96

Jeffrey | 6:33pm, Monday
Ubisoft Press Conf Wrap-up: Shaun White shown, Splinter Cell, and a game called Academy of Champions shown.

Dean | 7:24am, Tuesday
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