In scant hours, Nintendo's E3 preshow event will unveil... SOMETHING. Cafe? Stream? BEEM? Such hype hasn't run through the collective bloodstreams of the N-Sider staff in ages, and it all comes to a head at 9am PST tomorrow.

We've got a fairly light presence at the show this year—Matt will be our head-man, with Dean and Jeff in supporting roles. Expect coverage and photos of what gets played as the days progress! We'll at least let you know what goes down during the preshow event right away, but there are actually secondary MYSTERY events on subsequent evenings, similar in theory to those that first revealed Super Smash Bros. Brawl and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Who knows what we'll get this year! WHO, TELL ME HIS NAME.

Matt will be Tweeting heavily during the week, and we'll retweet his more interesting morsels on the N-Sider Twitter, so follow us for all the goodies!

See you tomorrow! You can kill time until then with the 3DS eShop firmware update if it ever friggin' COMES OUT AAHGHAHGG