If you caught our story yesterday, you're already aware of the Nintendo DS Lite situation in Japan. Demand is high and availability is extremely low (in fact, they're sold out). More reports have surfaced since then shedding light on exactly how immense the demand is in Japan. IGN.com for instance reported a line of nearly 500 hopeful men and women standing outside both a Shinjuku Bic and a Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku. Another 600 were counted at an Ikebukuro Bic. Meanwhile, 1Up.com reported a large line of 200 strong at the location of Bic Camera in Shibuya.

Also reported yesterday, online retailers such as Lik-Sang and NSCX are taking advantage of the high demand by temporarily increasing the $140 price tag anywhere from an additional $20 to $150. Nintendo has stated on its website that around 200,000 regular Nintendo DS units and 450,000 new Nintendo DS Lite units will be produced in the month of March. Nintendo had originally hoped to ship one million Nintendo DS varieties in total during the month.

Launch hysteria will continue on March 11 when the Nintendo DS Lite colors Enamel Navy and Ice Blue become available.

Humorous are the images below, courtesy of the Gaming-Age forums, that compare the same location during the Microsoft Xbox 360 launch and the Nintendo DS Lite launch.

Xbox 360 launch, Dec. 10, 2005Xbox 360 launch on December 10, 2005

Nintendo DS Lite launch, Mar. 02, 2006
Nintendo DS launch on March 2, 2006