As we mentioned earlier, Opera and Nintendo have reached an agreement to release Opera's web browser for the Nintendo DS. The software will be sold on a standard DS game card for 3,800 yen. A RAM expansion card will also be included to be inserted into the Game Boy Advance port to allow easier webpage uploads. After inserting the cartridge and using a wireless hotspot to connect your Nintendo DS to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, users will have full access to the Internet through the handheld's two screens.

Nintendo DS Opera Web Browser and Game Boy Advance RAM expansion card

Users will be provided an on-screen keypad to allow "PDA-like functionality". The DS web browser is said to be built on the same core as the Opera desktop browser.

According to an Opera employee in the company forums, the browser will have two viewing modes available. "Fit-to-width mode (similar to what mobile users are already familiar with their mobile phones using the Opera Mobile browser)," he describes. "This mode will use Small Screen Rendering to fit the page across both screens. Alternatively, there is a DS mode which displays an overall page view on the lower screen (where you may use the touch screen to navigate around a sort of "mini map") and read the text on the top screen in full-sized view."

Nintendo DS Opera Web Browser dual-screen technique

Finally, there is unconfirmed word that the browser will not support Java, Flash or PDF files. A video of someone using the browser can be seen here.