Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2
1983-2002 Nintendo

Nintendo's legendary platformer returns to show new players just how good games were before the Playstation generation, while simultaneously tugging at the heartstrings of rose-coloured-glass-wearing nostalgic gamers the world over.

To quote our review of the original Super Mario Advance: "Super Mario Advance is the first of three five Game Boy Advance ports of classic Mario adventures, the reason as explained by Nintendo, being many new gamers have never played the original Mario games, and Nintendo wanted to give them one last chance to experience the past series." Well then, Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 is, you guessed it, the second of the Game Boy Advance ports of classic Mario adventures.


  • Super Mario World and Mario Bros
  • A whopping 96 exits to find
  • Updated Sound and Visuals
  • Battery Pack Save
  • Link cable support for four players (multi-cartridge and single-cartridge modes)
  • Only for Game Boy Advance (of course!)

Mark Medina: In all honesty, there are two types of gamer to consider when approaching the review of this game. They are the one who is new to the game, and the one who played it to death many years ago.

Which category you fall into, in the end, doesn't matter because this is pure genius at work. Super Mario World is, in my opinion, *the* greatest 2D platform game in existence and any gamer really should experience this title in its new portable form.

In essence, I really do wish I fell into the aforementioned "former" category, because the first time you "hatch" Yoshi, find the coloured switch palaces, beat those bosses, get to the Star Road, save the Princess, and get that elusive 96th exit, you get the magical feeling that you've just experienced pure gaming bliss.

The GBA port of Super Mario World compared to the original SNES version is handled with aplomb from Nintendo's talented teams. The biggest change from the original is the addition of the Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario USA) version of Luigi in this game. Previously, as with the original Super Mario Bros., Luigi was nothing more than Mario in different clothing, now however he has the unique platforming attributes that only he possesses, which is chiefly his stronger jumping (and gliding) ability. Does Luigi alter the gameplay much, if at all? Well, I myself barely noticed any levels where his abilities might have been put to good use, and hence I completed the game with 96 exits without even using Luigi once. Sorry mate, but Mario does it for me in this game!

What about the Mario Bros. section of the cart, you ask? Hmm, to be honest I just glossed over it as it seemed, for all intents and purposes, the exact same game as featured in the original GBA Super Mario Advance.

In fact, just about the only negative I can pinpoint in this cartridge is the fact that if you aren't new to the game, you've just seen it all and the addition of Luigi doesn't really add anything new and fresh to the game you played all those years ago. Having said that, it's still the same incredible game it was then, so if it's been a few years since, why not wipe the dust off your fading memories of the game and re-acquaint yourself with the magic?

Back to the two types of gamer, if you're new to the game, Welcome to the best 2D platformer in existence. You're in for a gaming experience that you'll never ever forget, so cherish every moment of the game. If you're playing the game through those rose-tinted glasses as I was, have no fear, because the magic is definitely still there in all its now-portable glory.

In conclusion, Nintendo's powerhouse flagship platformer really has returned to remind gamers just what gameplay is supposed to be like. There's nothing left to say other than Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 is an essential addition to any GBA owner's collection.

N-Sider Review Staff