The Making of The Game
Balloon Fight GB

This series of articles will take a look at the development of Nintendo-published software. These Q&A sessions conducted by Nintendo Online Magazine, and transcribed to English exclusively by N-Sider staff member Anthony JC, come directly from the developers so as to give you a first-hand look at the amount of sweat and blood that goes into Nintendo's most celebrated releases.

August 2000

Hitoshi Yamagami
Nintendo Co., Ltd. Research & Development 1

Q: Balloon Fight originated on the Famicom System?

Hitoshi Yamagami: Yes. Mr. Sakamoto and our development team made it in 1984 for the Famicom. There was also a Game Boy sequel manufactured in 1990 but it was only released in the United States. With the advent of the Game Boy Color, we decided to redo the Game Boy sequel with color, and release it in Japan since they never got to experience Mr. Sakamoto's work.

Q: Was it because of internet fans nostalgia?

Yamagami: There is an opinion that several people still enjoy old school simple games. We have also released a lot of our Game & Watch games and it sort of has strengthened the fan demand for our more traditional games.

Q: Will this just be released via network Nintendo Power download?

Yamagami: No the plan is to release the game via retailer download and standard cartridge.

Q: What is the difference from the Famicom version?

Yamagami: Well don't let the title mislead you, this is a remake of the sequel Balloon Kid and not the original Balloon Fight. One big improvement is that the original had no save options, so we added that. Besides color we redid a few of the sprites, and added some dimensions. The story is slightly lengthened out as well.

Q: Is there a 2-player mode? Does it use the link cable?

Yamagami: Well. Yes we did include that. This time it's more of an action thing. It is a lot of fun and adds a lot to the gameplay.

Q: You've added the Balloon Trip as well?

Yamagami: What was prepared as a mini game at the time for the Famicom, became one of the most popular aspects of the game. I mean it really is almost a game on its own. A very fun one.

Q: Tell us of Mr. Yamagami's future projects??

Yamagami: Well some more transplants of the Famicom are being considered right now. I am also involved in Pokemon Puzzle Challenge that will be released in September. Of course, some other projects I can't mention at this particular moment.

Source: Nintendo Online Magazine # 24
Transcribed by: Anthony JC