What's HOT in 2003!! - Introduction.

This past year was a hard one for the Nintendo GameCube. We Nintendo fans suffered through the long drought of summer 2002. We constantly had to defend our beloved little cube against kiddie slander. We had to painfully watch as the GameCube was left out of debates and settled into what the majority claim is 3rd place in the console wars. At times, it could make one scream in anguish as the cube was over looked by those looking for more "serious" contenders. It almost made you think that Nintendo had made another big mistake like their handling of the N64.

But, things were not all bad. In an effort to turn the tides, Nintendo released the flood gates. We saw almost every major Nintendo franchise on our cube over the last year (unfortunately Zelda didn't make it out in 2002, but it gives us something to look forward to). Once the great titles started coming, they didn't stop. We were treated to Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventrues, and Metroid Prime. But, it seems as though Nintendo (besides for Zelda) has used up all their franchises. What can we, as Nintendo fans, look forward to? Will there be another Metroid or Mario this coming year? Probably not, but there will be some familiar faces, and there will be some great new franchises.

To give you a small taste of what 2003 will bring, the N-sider staff has assembled lists for both PAL and NTSC regions of what will be hot in 2003. We've supplied you with release dates (all subject to change), publisher, and a short description of what we think will be some of the hottest games in 2003, sorry, you won't find any Mary-Kate & Ashley Tropical Trouble here.

We'll be talking about a lot of different games and accessories, for different markets, so use the links below to find the territory most appropriate to you.