Not long after setting up my Miiverse information for the first time, I decided it was time to spruce up the decor a little bit by jazzin' out my profile message. While I was fond of the original "Do, Re, Egon" greeting, it was time to push the envelope a little bit. With the assistance of my favorite linguistic website, I pieced together a polite and affable greeting I'd be happy to show you, your girlfriend, or your grandmother's girlfriend: "He knew I couldn't wait to consume the battered roadkill off his veiny quim prod."

I figured the relatively obsfucated nature of the literary stylings would keep it safe from both underpaid humans or underpowered robots, but it was apparently caught within minutes, for whatever reason. I had my suspicions that it may have been due to containing the word kill, until I later attempted to change my message to one that contained the word "farts" and was presented with an automatic message that prevented me from even entering it. Maybe it was the conjunction of the words road AND kill together that allowed it to dodge the filter? At any rate, the way it was handled was interesting: I received a message in my Miiverse sidebar from Miiverse Administration, which stated that my profile was determined to contain inappropriate content and the status was thus hidden from view. The message further stated that after I had read the code of conduct and changed it, I was supposed to send them a message back!

Inline Image

After I changed it to the much less threatening "Dinner roll," I clicked the "send message" button in the thread and was presented with a form offering me a series of pre-determined form statements I could give, some of them less complicit than others. It took a couple hours after that, but my profile was unblocked. Later, I posted a picture of Momiji's ludicrously gigantic kimono pillows among other photos which were almost 80% composed of blood and limbs, and received nine Yeahs without incident.

So yes, these are real people who really see your stuff, and sometimes, they will even moderate your ass into the aether and wait for a reply. Something about it felt neat to me, even though I was already thinking of new ways to talk about my thrill drill exploring the recesses of a vintage golf bag.

Check back tomorrow for one last(?) coma-breaking Wii U secret!
  1. My kid's favorite word right now is "ow" and it's what she says instead of "meow" which the cat says, cause she can't say meow. She says it whenever she sees any animal, I guess, but I haven't been paying super close attention or anything because I'm trying to get the fucking nukes in Civilization VI, which is a game you can play now on the system that goes away from the TV so you can play it while ignoring your kids but at least you’re both in the same room. Civilization VI, which should have been named CiVIlization if a capital i didn't look so close to a lower case L, is a game that I played...
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  2. Things are about to get M'm! M'm! Good! for gamers who have long been clamoring for the inclusion of fan-favorite Campbell's Soup in the Super Smash Bros. series. The hotly-anticipated can of soup was announced as the newest character to join the already jam-packed lineup in a special Nintendo Direct released on the company's YouTube channel this week. Normally coy series mastermind Masahiro Sakurai seemed to enjoy teasing fans about the addition of the inanimate aluminum can of soup for months prior to the announcement, routinely hiding red and white colored objects in the backgrounds of videos...
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  3. I wasn’t raised on RPGs.  Platformers and puzzle games, these were my bread and butter.  I grew up focused on mechanical precision, on timing and finite challenges.  So when my little brother bought Final Fantasy VII for the PC I remember chiding him for it.  Ha ha, those stupid movies posing as games!  What do you think you’re doin with that, that’s not a jumping simulator. I ended up playing it anyway.  Our computer was barely a machine, it ran the game in a quarter-sized box in the middle of the screen at like ten frames per second.  I remember Chocobo racing being a psychedelic slow-motion...
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