N-Sider articles in "E3 2003 Coverage"

A less than stellar E3, but we cover it all the same. While Nintendo obsesses over "connectivity," we keep you grounded in reality with in-depth looks at Pikmin 2 and Geist.

  1. Pikmin 2: E3 Preview

    1. Cory Faller
    Pikmin 2, follow-up to Shigeru Miyamotos creative garden-inspired strategy game, was displayed publicly for the first time at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo. Both single player and multiplayer modes were shown...
  2. Glen Bayer @ E3 2K3

    1. Glen Bayer
    Monday evening I boarded a plane, escaping from Minnesota in a mere three hour plane ride to the sunny palm-tree sustaining city of Los Angeles. With the warmth of dusk, comforting buzz of jet engines and twinkle of the city lights...
  3. N-Depth: Geist @ E3

    1. Glen Bayer
    The announcement that n-Space would develop a first-person shooter exclusively for GameCube came as a surprise to just about every game journalist attending the 2003 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The attendees approached the game with curiousity...