N-Sider articles in "E3 2004 Coverage"

Nintendo comes back from it's dismal 2003 E3 showing, and N-Sider follows suit. Check out our largest E3 coverage to date, featuring the games that everyone expected, as well as a couple shockers.

  1. E3 2004: Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

    1. Aimee Lamoureux
    On the first day of E3, the Jungle Beat booth remained barren while the spotlight was stolen by the nearby Pikmin 2, Geist, Metroid, and other hit titles. However, as time went on the audience grew, and most everyone walked away with smiling faces...
  2. E3 2004: Resident Evil 4

    1. Justin Whitney
    It is with that gargantuan promise that Resident Evil 4 begins. As Leon steps out of his escort car, the drivers chide him for his "pretty boy" looks. Leon ignores them, partially because of confidence, partially because of focus...
  3. E3 2004: Odama

    Yoot Saito is somewhat of an oddity in today's gaming world. He has said in interviews that he is not driven by game sales, but rather by innovation. Saito and his company, Vivarium, last worked on the strange, somewhat unfortunately named "Seaman"...
  4. E3 2004: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

    1. Cory Faller
    Gamers have been craving a new 2D Zelda game on the GBA for years. They've yearned for a fully-fledged adventure that could trounce the old greats. Well, Nintendo and Capcom have teamed up yet again, finally delivering what's been long overdue...
  5. E3 2004: Retrospective

    1. Dean Bergmann
    When you set out to write a big long article for a site such as our own, you tend to put it off as long as you can, with the knowledge that it will be, as required, uber long. The Journey of E3 2004 began back in November of 2003...
  6. E3 2004: Geist

    1. Jason Nuyens
    N-Space has created a truly original game world that is fun to interact in, even if there are still a few shortcomings in this year's build. You are a geist, which is German for ghost. As a ghost, you have the power to possess items and people...
  7. E3 2004: Nintendo Booth Map

    1. Aimee Lamoureux
    Wondering how Nintendo decided to design their booth layout this year? Want to envision walking the show floor yourself? Well aid your imagination with this schematic showing the location of every single piece of software on the show floor...
  8. E3 2004: Star Fox

    1. Cory Faller
    Star Fox, quite simply, should not have been shown at last year's E3. The nature of the demo available and the archaic appearance of all related media left a horrifyingly sour taste in the mouths of many showgoers, myself included. Have things improved?
  9. E3 2004: Advance Wars: Under Fire

    1. Jason Nuyens
    What makes Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2 so engaging is not the story and perhaps not even the characters, but rather the impeccable game design that makes even the tired turn-based formula fun. Jump ahead three years to E3 2004...
  10. N-Sider's E3 2004 Vacation DVD - ORDERS CLOSED

    1. Dean Bergmann
    Greetings readers and people looking for all the coverage they can get on this year's E3, we are pleased to announce that the 2004 E3 DVD was available at a cost of only $10 (USD) which includes shipping to anywhere on the planet! Sorry you missed out.
  11. The Pre-E3 Storm

    1. Jason Nuyens
    2. Glen Bayer
    3. Mark Medina
    4. James Remington
    As we look forward to one of the most exciting E3 Expositions in recent memory (particularly for Nintendo), N-Sider would like to take this opportunity to take a step back, breathe a little bit, and first take a look at what we should expect to see...