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E3 changed a lot this year, from the name right down to the severely pared-down invite list. The announcements were slim, save Wii Fit. We tried our hands at a liveblog for the first time this year, and filed numerous impressions and reports right from the show (which you can find in July's news) in addition to our customary deeper previews.

  1. E3 Preview: Super Mario Galaxy (Take 2)

    E3 Preview: Super Mario Galaxy (Take 2)

    1. Brandon Daiker
    Mario's newest journey promises to be the most imaginative and original in years.
  2. E3 Preview: Zack & Wiki

    E3 Preview: Zack & Wiki

    1. Mattie Behrens
    A monkey, yes, but also a magical bell...? More inside about Capcom's adventure.
  3. E3 Preview: Dewy's Adventure

    E3 Preview: Dewy's Adventure

    1. Mattie Behrens
    Wondering about how sliding around a sentient water drop makes a fun game? Come inside.
  4. E3 2007 Liveblog Archive

    E3 2007 Liveblog Archive

    1. Mattie Behrens
    2. Cory Faller
    3. Brandon Daiker
    4. Dean Bergmann
    Relive E3 2007 in its entirety by perusing our liveblog archive. Every comment we made and photo we took is here for your enjoyment. Excelsior!
  5. Interview: Beth Llewelyn

    Interview: Beth Llewelyn

    1. Dean Bergmann
    2. Mattie Behrens
    3. Brandon Daiker
    We grill Beth Llewelyn about Wii Sports 2, Pikmin, the new Wii Fit mat, and Tingle.