N-Sider articles in "Irate Gamers"

The gaming industry makes us all a little irate now and again. When we just can't hold it in any longer, it spills over onto these pages. Forgive any threats of violence within; when we get angry we take it out on the people we love.

  1. Irate Gamers VI: The Lost Generation

    1. Dean Bergmann
    Non nova sed nove. What does this mean? Well, by the end of this edition of Irate Gamers, you'll know. Gamers of today, Generation Y and younger, don't appreciate the challenges put in front of them...
  2. Irate Gamers V: Publisher Angst

    1. Jeffrey Van Camp
    2. Mark Medina
    Sometimes I want to seriously hurt the people in charge of giving the go ahead to the games released today. I mean, seriously, what exactly is up with games like Mary Kate & Ashley's Wonderful Adventure...
  3. Irate Gamers IV: Feedback Central

    1. Mark Medina
    Why do gamers have to be this way? It was a question that was posed and discussed, and people have responded with interesting responses...
  4. Irate Gamers IV: Why do Gamers Have to be This Way?

    1. Mark Medina
    Lets turn our attention for a moment to specifically the Nintendo gamers out there. Arguably the most fickle out there, we can at times be the most whining and most complaining...
  5. Irate Gamers III: Celda Rage

    1. Cory Faller
    There's one particular debate thats been driven so far into the ground that I thought it would never again see the light of day. But thanks to a few new blurry screens, the dreaded Celda argument has again reared its ugly head.
  6. Irate Gamers II: Not Quite Happy

    1. Jason Nuyens
    2. Glen Bayer
    3. Josh Righter
    So far not a single Nintendo published GameCube title has achieved its original set release date. Does Nintendo have some sort of Release Date Fabrication Facility where it manufactures these release dates that it is incapable of meeting?
  7. Irate Gamers I: The Irate

    1. Glen Bayer
    Video games...aren't they supposed to be about fun and entertainment? I would assume so, since even the word "game", which is part of the word Video Games, has the meaning playing something for amusement...