N-Sider articles in "N-Bits"

The thoughts floating around in our heads can't always be fleshed out into full and mighty articles. In such cases, we group 'em together and publish them all at once. N-Bits is such a beast.

  1. N-Bits Volume 5

    1. Jason Nuyens
    2. Jeffrey Van Camp
    I am pretty certain that Nintendo Puzzle Collection won't come out in North America this year... Konami released a brand new trailer for the upcoming killer title Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes...
  2. N-Bits Volume 4

    1. Jason Nuyens
    There was a time in my life where I was a run-of-the-mill telemarketer. To make some extra coin one summer I began working for a company that sold magazine subscriptions to anyone who would answer their phone. This sales approach is also called...
  3. N-Bits Volume 2

    1. Glen Bayer
    What is this? Well, I'll be honest. I've decided to report on what is fashionable instead of what is right. This is basically a sensationalized tabloid news report. This is not real news nor is it even rumors...
  4. N-Bits Volume 1

    1. Jason Nuyens
    2. Josh Righter
    N-Bits is a column that combines speculation with general thoughts. Each of the thoughts presented are far too small to be in an article of their own, so are instead packed together for a nice read.