I am obsessing about this 3DS XL. With every passing day it becomes more desirable, despite my initial critiques. But the breaking point is going to be pocketability. I don't always carry a bag, so whenever I walk someplace without one, I put that 3DS in my pocket. Aint no point in even having it if I can't earn those coins, get those StreetPass tags. So I made a 3DS XL in effigy out of a French bread pizza box.

Inline Image

It's too big. Yeah, it "fits" in my pocket, but it's ridiculous in there. Sitting down it'd be all crunched up, I had to angle it all weird to even get it in there in the first place (though the pointy box edges contributed, and those won't be on the actual unit)—it was just a mess. Serviceable at best, uncomfortable and awkward at worst. I could do it, but I don't wanna. DON'T WANNA

Will the real system really be like that, though? The pointy edges certainly contributed to the weirdness. I just don't know!! I really gotta get my hands on the real thing, gotta be able to see how it feels, how the screen looks at my usual handheld-playing distance, how it fits in dem pockets. It's the first Nintendo hardware I've ever considered purchasing that I'm not happy to shell-out for sight-unseen. Maybe this is how normal people feel every day.