N-Sider articles in "Industry Problems Week"

What's wrong with the gaming industry? Clearly too much for a single article. N-Sider takes a stab at pin-pointing some of the issues in a week-long string of analysis.

  1. Industry Problems Week: Day 6 - Wrap-up Day

    For the final day in Industry Problems Week, we have a chat amongst the Problems Week staff. Check out the results of the conversation...
  2. Industry Problems Week: Day 5 - Nintendo's Position

    1. Jason Nuyens
    The truth of the whole deal is that Nintendo, in short, can not win anymore. The only way they can "win" a console war now is to change what they believe in fundamentally...
  3. Industry Problems Week: Day 4 - Problems with the Media

    1. James Burns
    The gaming industry is full of problems. And even though we may often be critical of game developers and publishers for whatever reasons, it is my belief that the gaming media should also be held to account...
  4. Industry Problems Week: Day 3 - Painting the Game

    1. Jason Nuyens
    2. Brenden Petracek
    The problem that I speak of is the false notion of what graphics really are. Today, visuals in games are seen as benchmarks on which to base numbers such as frames per second (fps), polygons per second (pps), and draw distance...
  5. Industry Problems Week: Day 2 - Problems with Publishers

    1. Josh Righter
    Gamers have a symbiotic relationship with developers and publishers; when we screw up in a consumer sense, we can incur a Catch-22 disaster in the blink of an eye...
  6. Industry Problems Week: Day 1 - Problems With Gamers

    1. Cory Faller
    It seems that no matter what angle you come at it from, most gamers are just a wee-bit touched in the head. Regardless of which company they most violently support, several issues prevent them from evolving into capable members of society...